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School And Church Hall/Panasonic: Panasonic, PT-VZ585N, 5000, Lum, WUXGA, 16K:1, Contrast, HD-BaseT, WIFI, Projector,

Panasonic PT-VZ585N 5000 Lum WUXGA 16K:1 Contrast HD-BaseT WIFI Projector

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Superb Performance and High Picture Quality

The PT-VZ585N portable LCD projectors feature WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixel) resolution to bring native Full HD video to big screens in small spaces. Images are pin-sharp, liquid-smooth, and loaded with detail for an immersive viewing experience.

The PTVZ585n ranks high in the portable projector category with a high brightness ranging from 5000 lm. Panasonic’s winning formula for imaging brilliance is completed by a high 16,000:1 contrast ratio. Expect deep blacks, pure highlights, and crisp, easy to read text and graphics.

Panasonic PT-VZ585n Highlights

  • 5000 Lumens
  • WUXGA Full HD
  • Wireles ready - Miracast
  • DIGITAL Link ready
  • USB Memory
  • Apps for iOS and Android

The Panasonic PTVZ585N has a maximum lamp replacement cycle of 7,000 hours (eco). The air filter also has a replacement cycle of 7,000 hours. This reduces maintenance hassles for long periods of use, and helps to lower maintenance costs and reduce environmental impact.

1.6x Zoom Lens

The PT-VZ585n projector features a Vertical Lens Shift function that allows you to move the image up or down without distorting the picture. This is useful for quick image corrections in portable applications. 

This illustration shows the lens shift of the The image can be shifted ±44 % vertically for the PT-VZ585N

Lens Shift Moves the Image Vertically without Distortion

When projecting onto a 100-inch wide screen, the 1.6x zoom lens lets the PT VZ585n supports projection distance from 2.35 to 3.8 meters for a 100-inch screen (16:10 aspect ratio). 

Digital Link

Equipped with a DIGITAL LINK terminal, the projector allow transmission of HDMI, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals (Ethernet, RS-232C) for up to 100 meters (328 feet) through a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. This simplifies cabling and system upgrades, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.

Optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box for Easy Setup

By combining the optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box, with its HDMI and other input terminals, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals can be transmitted up to 100 m (328 feet) over a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. It allows projector connection with only one cable, making it ideal for ceiling-mounted and other permanent installations.
Also, because control signals can be simultaneously transmitted, the ET-YFB100G input signal can easily be switched with the wireless remote control that is included with the projector. The projector can be controlled by either serial or LAN communication.

Digital Link Technology 

Wireless Manager ME Multifunctional Application Software
The Wireless Manager ME application provided with the projector allows easy transfer*1 of data from the screen of a personal computer*2 through a PC's wireless LAN function.*3 It can also be used to transfer audio files. Additionally, screen images from multiple computers can be projected by using Multi-Live mode including "Four-Window Multi Style", "Four-Window Index Style" and “16-Window Index Style
Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS / Android
Two types of application software – Panasonic Wireless Projector for iOS and "Panasonic Wireless Projector for Android" – are available for wireless data transmission from an iOS or Android device. They let you connect to a wireless-ready Panasonic projector to send and project PowerPoint®, PDF, JPEG and other files.

This means you can easily project data stored on your tablet onto a large screen to share with others, allowing for a new form of highly engaging presentations
Easy Remote Monitoring and Control over LAN
Web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate projectors and check their status. An e-mail messaging function can also notify you when a lamp needs replacement, and indicate the overall projector status.

In addition, Multi Projector Monitoring and Control Software is available for monitoring and controlling multiple Panasonic projectors from a single PC.

The wired LAN terminal is compatible with PJLink™ (class1), an open protocol that is used by many manufacturers, to enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of projectors

Daylight View

Panasonic’s Daylight View Basic technology achieves sharp, easy-to-see images by clearly reproducing the details in dark image areas, which were previously difficult to see in brightly lit rooms. A built-in sensor measures the ambient light, and the Daylight View Basic function adjusts the halftone color and brightness level according to the surrounding illumination.

Panasonic PT-VZ585n Connections

Panasonic PT-VZ585n Projectors  connections

Supplied Accessories

Panasonic PT-VZ585n Projectors  supplied accessories

Last updated: Tuesday, 24 May 2022

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This product is sourced in Australia and carries a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty